Our company Raymont® Shoes is a growing family business, based in Athens, the capital of Greece.

It was established in the mid-60s by Mr. Anastasios Megalooikonomou. His passion for men's shoes lead him in the 40's, right after the war, trying to find ways how to create shoes. He starts earning knowledge while he was training in a very young age close to the greatest shoemakers, while working under extremely difficult conditions. Since 1998 his two sons Mr. Panagiotis Megalooikonomou and Mr. Chrysanthos Megalooikonomou continues their father's work with success.

The role of the father and his passion for shoes was catalytic for the future development of the company.Both equipped with the valuable experience they have inherited, with dedication to quality, they provide services in such levels, helping them to achieve a production of comfortable shoes in high quality and in prices also.

Our company operates in Greece, with a local distribution network but also with a growing presence abroad. The production is being made according to the client’s request. With our well trained personnel and of course with their smooth collaboration we achieve a top level final product. As well known, a pair of shoes is the most particular ingredient of human clothing. So its production requires, except good machinery and tools, the human touch with the knowledge and the craftsmanship needed which our personnel has.

Our goal is to always improve and upgrade our products, we choose carefully point of sales and reinforce our production line with new machines, having positive results to the final products making them wanted and affordable to the end users.

After of more than 50 years successful walking in shoes production, our mission and vision remains the same, investigate, evaluate and follow accordingly the worldwide fashion trends. We are dedicated to offer the best by highlighting the elegant side of modern man.

Every year we promote two different shoes collections, one for the winter season and one for the summer season. Our collections include styles and colors for every occasion a modern man will need.

We will be glad to guide your through our creations any time for Raymont® Shoes.